Inside TUJ activites

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My friend, Colin and I decided to try out the Purikura booths in Harajuku.


TUJ Student Activities put together an overnight trip to Niigata. On our way there we stopped at Fukiware falls where we got to explore a beautiful natural landscape.


The trip also included a lunch at a traditional restaurant. We had to take off our shoes before entering and we sat on the floor. Our meal was soba and tempura! Super delicious.


The next stop on the trip was at Okutadami Dam, where we got to ride a cruise along the water. We were surrounded by tall mountains on all sides.


After a long day of travel we finally arrived at the hotel. Every hotel room had futon beds that were actually really comfortable. All of the students also got to enjoy the onsen at the hotel which was really nice after sitting in a bus for hours.


The next day we visited the kite museum where we learned all about the tradition of the festival. This was great because it helped us enjoy the actual festival.


The museum also had a wind tunnel simulation where students got to fly their very own kites. Pictures here are Chris and Seamus.


During the festival, there were men and women participating in a shrine carrying tradition. The crowd had a lot of energy that made us visitors very excited.


During the battle of the giant kites, we watched a several teams sent their kites into the sky. Teams would walk pass us with their giant kites and miles of rope getting ready to take off.


After the trip we all returned to classes. My friends and I decided to take a mid-week trip to Shinjuku where we blew off some steam at an arcade in Shinjuku.


About richeldiazinjapan

Hello, I'm Richel! I'm a sophomore Visual Arts major with a concentration in Photography and Design at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Being born and raised in New Jersey, I have decided to break out of my comfort zone and travel with Temple University all the way to Japan. Aside from photography and design, I'm also interested in symphonic band, culinary arts, and dance. I can't wait for all the adventures, new experiences and food ahead!

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