Welcome to The Parliament


On August 29th, classes officially started at Temple University Japan. With the opening of the new school year also came the opening of the new student lounge: The Parliament. Why is it called The Parliament? Hold that thought for a little bit.

F16301_tokyo_Temple University Azabu Hall_TamlynKurata

“Welcome back!” is heard throughout the halls as friends greet friends and teachers start their classes.

F16302_tokyo_The Parliament_TamlynKurata

A new sight on campus: the new student lounge on the first floor

F16303_tokyo_The Parliament Door_TamlynKurata

The Office of Student Services and the Student Government came together to host a welcome back/grand-opening party for the students

F16304_tokyo_Temple Owl Mural_TamlynKurata

The owl mural with Japanese patterns in its wings is a student work that adorns one of the walls in The Parliament

F16305_tokyo_free food_TamlynKurata

To beat the heat, the caterers provided cold, fresh watermelon as well as other tasty treats

F16306_tokyo_students in buffet line_TamlynKurata

Shaw partaking in the buffet

F16307_tokyo_juice bar_TamlynKurata

Tak (OSS) and Omar serve drinks to students

F16308_tokyo_the chefs_TamlynKurata

All of the food was prepared by Cezars. Here are the two chefs along with student co-coordinator James Peters from student government

F16309_tokyo_Adding TUJ on snapchat_TamlynKurata

“Follow us on Snapchat!”: TUJ opens a snapchat account to help keep students up-to-date with activities happening on campus

F16310_tokyo_Raffle Prize_TamlynKurata

There was also a raffle drawing with prizes from the Admissions Counseling Office

So, have you guessed why the new lounge is called The Parliament? A group of owls is called a parliament, and the new lounge is a place where all of Temple’s owls come to gather.


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