Last Two Weeks in Japan


There are only two weeks left in Japan. We have gotten more and more used to the crowded city, the kawaii culture, and the busy lively people. We are never tired of getting involved in the Japanese community.

This time, we went to Odaiba in Tokyo, Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, and Osaka.


Odaiba is the place where the Fuji TV station is. They are shooting for today’s weather forecast and asked Katie and Amanda for help.


Katie is writing down her dream on that ball



In Gundam Cafe, Katie is trying this cute beamsabel umbrella.


Inside Fuji TV Station, a cutout for Run for Money.


Original drawings of Chibi Maruko Chan


There is also a small Statue of Liberty in Japan, right next to the Fuji TV Station

IMG_2915 copy

Osaka is even more crowed than Tokyo. So many tourists are shopping and eating over here.


A house called Sekkatei in Golden Pavilion. This place is used to be a tea room.


Golden Pavilion


I feel so peaceful every time I see this traditional water place.

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