Get Closer to Japanese Life


Walking in the city of Tokyo and Yokohama, I saw various activities that enrich people’s lives in Japan.


As the native sport, baseball is very popular among students. High school students are practicing baseball with their school team during the weekend.


In Japan, they have this electric screen to be the other player and help people practice. It is like a video game.


A golf course in Tokyo. In order to save spaces, they created this golf course with multiple layers.

IMG_2786 copy

Yokohama is for people who love the ocean.


Ramune, a very common summer drink in Japan. It is like soda, but it has a glass ball inside to create bubbles. It is fun to drink.


Japan’s Kawaii culture at Takeshita Street, Tokyo


Summer festival in Yokohama. They have so many little temporary stores set up and sell their food.


There is going to be a election on July 10th. Candidates are busy driving from place to place and speaking for their new policies.


A monument in Yokohama built by the Indian community.


I made a wabako, or Japanese box. It is amazing how papers can turn into such a beautiful thing.


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