Asakusa and Japanese Food Culture


Today, we went to Ueno to pay my first visit toAsakusa Temple, or Sensō-ji. That area also has a street selling all kinds of Japanese kitchenware, which is a necessary part of Japanese food culture.

IMG_2777 copy

A top view of Asakusa Temple


It is said that the smoke of incense in this temple could protect you from illness


We met a group of middle school students. They are asking us about the impression of Japan in English.


Amanda really likes Omikuji. Can’t wait to find out her fortune.


Japanese girls wearing Kimono in the temple


Ningyo-yaki, a snake cake in Japan. The shape is like human faces.

IMG_2730 copy

Street decoration for Tanabata festival, asian valentine’s day. This festival is also celebrated in South Korea and China.

IMG_2706 copy

A lantern store selling all kinds of lanterns for restaurants. The words on those lanterns are all about food, such as alcohol and sushi.


These knife is only for soba noodle.


These delicious-looking things are only the samples for actual food. In Japan, restaurants always put these samples outside rather than pictures.


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