Goodbye Tokyo


Well I’m actually staying during summer semester in Tokyo, but the Spring semester has ended and all the Temple students are going back home to America.


The cherry blossomed during the end of our semester abroad. Poetically speaking, we have blossomed at the end.

Thanks to the Japanese couple for capturing this great photo. These were cherry blossoms at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


Take in the beautiful sight of cherry blossoms.


The best cultural experience I had was being a part of a society that fosters a group mentality system. This means always waiting in lines for anything, including the busiest trains in the world.

Seriously, Japan holds the busiest train stations in the whole world. Shinjuku and Shibuya stations are the top two. Shinjuku station sees about 1.26 billion commuters per year and Shibuya station sees about 1.09 billion (based on a 2013 study).

So lets have some fun in Tokyo while we still can on our last days together in Tokyo!


Fighting ninjas will be missed in Tokyo! Just kidding. This was at the trick museum in Odaiba.


Sneak attack from the ninja under the tatami mat! Me: “Go back!”

Thanks to the employee working that day for capturing the moments.


A huge architecture goal! To see the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Ginza.


It was Opalia’s last day and she wished to see the Nakagin Capsule Tower, so I surprised her with its address #SmallFriendshipGift 🙂


That’s me wearing a Temple cap cheering for the architecture masterpiece.


Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku by Hiroshi Nakamura.


Tommy buying a soda from the vending machine. Having a vending beverage machine that sells hot coffee and cold beverages in almost all the streets is something everyone is going to miss.


Opalia’s in Ginza, last day exploring Tokyo.



Tokyo celebrates many cultures cuisines. Our new favorite obsession: Indian butter curry (which is basically sweet sauce.) It’s served with salad, rice, drink choice, and all you can eat naan! Pro Tip: Having lunch is better eaten out then dinner because the restaurants are very competitive during lunchtime and offer amazing deals.


I’ll toast to that! Gresham drinking mango lassi, which is a fusion of an Indian and Japanese drink.


Julie Kress who studied in Rome and Japan during her junior year is saying “But I don’t want to leave”


What a better way to end a Tokyo study abroad experience then to have a last prayer. Thank you Tokyo for all the personal, profession, and academic growth you have provided us!


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