Trip To Nikko


What better way to procrastinate during Finals than to travel to another city for a day? Well that’s how the architects do it! Our architecture professors, the wonderful Dr. Deanna MacDonald, James Lambiasi, and Naho Degawa took the architecture students on a one day trip to Nikko!



Sanjinko (Three Sacred Storehouses)


The Shinkyo Bridge (神橋, Shinkyō, “sacred bridge”)


I swear I didn’t plan the matching scarf! Photo Credit: the wonderful Opalia Meade


After spending 15 hours each week together in classes and field trips, I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I’ll miss them.


Architecture students in front of Nikkō Tōshō-gū


The beautiful Opalia Meade in front of the Shinkyo Bridge 神橋


Tosho-gu shrine. The first ever colored shrine we have ever seen.


Architecture students and professors at the Tosho-gu shrine. Photo Credit: The Great Dr. Deanna MacDonald


Constructing the beauty of nature


Flip it with the The Gojunoto Pagoda. Photo Credit: Opalia Meade


The force of nature!


It’s very beautiful to sit and relax during Finals Week!


Nikko is known for their tofu and let me tell you..that was the best tofu I have ever had!


Enjoying the end of the trip with a view of Lake Chūzenji

After a great view of watching the sunset, we went to catch out trains, but not until we got a glimpse of the Yayoi Festival.


Yayoi Festival


Yayoi Festival

The Yayoi Festival occurs April 13-17, where the main event is on the 17th. For the Yayoi Festival, floats “hana-yatai” visit towns with food and drinks to signal the arrival of Spring. It was a humbling experience to watch the small town come outside and share an evening of laughter and happiness.


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