Museum Trips


Museums in Tokyo have cheap admission rates and limited-time objects on display.

Tokyo National Museum


In Tokyo all the architecture treasured buildings are besides modern buildings tucked in the streets. Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples are in the city can be side by side with the grocery store, schools, residential buildings. The much larger scaled sacred buildings are more cherished and established as tourist attractions. However, the locals value these sacred places and visit to pray. Historical areas aren’t celebrated as much; therefore, there isn’t any english text to describe the history. The best places to learn about Japanese traditions, history, art, and architecture is to visit museums.

You can learn about the Japanese art and architecture by going to the museums.

The Museums are a huge hit in Tokyo because they have valued fragile pieces that can only be shown for a limited time and museums admission rates are very cheap. As a classroom, we have visited two museums so far; Tokyo National Museum and Nezu Museum.

Nezu Museum


Saturday Class Trip to Nezu Museum



Nezu Museum’s Garden




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