Rain, rain, go away…



It’s been raining here nonstop for the entire week. Normally I enjoy the peace  that the rain brings but it’s been constant downpour (and even that might be an understatement).


People sought cover in all sorts of places


I decided to check out the shops are Harajuku. The colors were exactly what I expected – lots of pinks and pastels.


They had all kinds of accessories that you wouldn’t expect to find (nor would you be surprised to find them). Here is an accessorized Totoro backpack.


I saw a bubble tea shop so, naturally, I had to get some.



We took a closer look inside but quickly left as soon as we saw a man practicing kendo



And then I paid a visit to my dear friend, Professor Sycamore at Pokemon Center.


This has been one of my favorite foods yet in Japan – giant honey toast. My friends and I occasionally visit Akihabara  just to get one of these. Even with four of us, it was difficult to finish.

The street art here features many video game characters, such as this Street Invader in ShibuyaDSC_8960

Eric Mousin (studying psychology at the University of Vermont) taking pictures for his digital photography class



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