Akita/Iwate Road Trip: Day Two


Day two of the trip led us through Dakigaeri Valley, the Kakunodate Area, and a Meiji-Era elementary school.
After waking up and leaving from our first overnight stay, we headed to Dakigaeri Valley, where the waters were as blue as you could imagine– so cool!

At the base of the Valley, we enjoyed a cluster of concessions: food!


Including, but not limited to, these crazy fried fish on a stick! I was intrigued by these, but unfortunately I did not taste them.


After some “brunch,” we started hiking up the Valley trail.








Unfortunately, it started to rain before we got to the waterfall, and we all boarded the bus for the next destination.

The Kakunodate Area is an old Samurai Village with plenty to explore– however, not every place we entered allowed for photographs, and a lot of extra places to look at were also closed on this day. No matter –we explored as much as we could anyway! The first place we visited was a small museum-like place with a lot of artifacts on display.




After that, we were able to explore a bit before we had to head back to the bus. We came across a small garden area.



We had fun meandering, and before we left, we got flower-shaped ice cream from this sweet woman outside of a shop in the area.


Unfortunately, for the elementary school part of the trip, there were not a lot of opportunities to take photos, mainly because a large group of us (myself included) were playing an incredibly fun round of volleyball in the gym area. At least we were putting the space to good use while we were there! A good experience nonetheless.

We then headed to our second hostel to relax and recuperate from the long day. Day three would come upon us pretty fast!


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