Let Them Eat Cake. . . .And Take Purikura! ! !


Lately I’ve been finding myself in Harajuku a lot. . .If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a ward of the Shibuya prefecture where you will glimpse the good, the bad, and the just plain weird fashion of Japan. Basically it’s where all of the trendy people go; high school fashionistas, the fashion rebels, lolitas and so on. If you want to go to Harajuku, then don’t be afraid to dress up in your most eye-catching outfits, or you might feel a little under-dressed. Yes, even sleeping babies in strollers are mini fashionistas in Harajuku. I like to think of it as it as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu meets high school girl:


Harajuku’s fashion is truly one of a kind, but as the title suggests, today we are going to talk about cake!


If you love cake, and you love buffets, then this is the place for you!! It’s an all you can eat, cake buffet! Yes, you heard right!


And it comes fully equipped with a chocolate fountain, so you can eat all the sweet things that your sweet tooth desires. . . .covered in chocolate!


Now there is a bit of a catch; the price is about $15 dollars and you have a time limit of 90 minutes. While it may seem like a reasonable amount of time, if you’re chatting or catching up with friends it can fly by rather quickly. But it is well worth the price. If you love cake, then you will definitely love it here! There are original flavors, as well as seasonal, so around this time there are a lot of apple, pumpkin and nutty flavored sweets! But the goodness doesn’t stop there! You can also have ice cream, and a meal after your dessert! They have a variety of different kinds of pastas, curry, and toppings to create you own healthy salad. (You know, so you don’t feel so guilty about pigging out on all that cake and ice cream!!)

Overall the atmosphere was really relaxing. The seats were comfortable, and not all squished together like they are at a lot of Japanese cafes, there was light music playing in the background, and cake, cake everywhere!


And once your time runs out, what better to do than Purikura? Purikura is a way to take selfies without shame, as they are very popular in Japan. Whether alone, or with a large group of friends, you can never go wrong! Purikuri (Print Club) is a large photo booth where you can take photos of yourself (face shots and full body) and decorate as you please.


It’s definitely a lot of fun, because you can pose however you want, and when your finished you can enhance your photo. They have stickers you can add to your photo, you can draw and write on them, add makeup (blush, lipstick) and adjust the color. You can make your eyes bigger, your face smaller, and add hats, cat ears, and other cutesy accessories to fit your needs. Yes, it’s very cutesy, but also very fun, even guys try it out every now and then!

When you’ve overindulged on cuteness, and can take no more, there are shops where you can find posters, cards, photos, stickers, and calendars of you favorite J-pop/J-rock idols!


If you like k-pop, they have a section for you as well.

Now of course, there is soo much more to Harajuku than just cake, Purikura and japanese idols, but that would require a much longer post. Hmm. . . .something to think about.

Well, that’s all for now, and hope you enjoyed!! Eat cake! ;P


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