Temple Campus & Student Art Festival


Temple University’s Japan Campus is a small campus within an office building located in Minamiazabu, Minato, Tokyo. The walk to the campus building from the station is short, fairly quiet, and very nice when it comes to scenery, despite being in a business area.

IMG_1451(Outside the Shirokane-Takanawe subway station exit, leading to TUJ)




The building and classes are small, but this allows for a more personalized class experience– this is good at times for any growing student. Sometimes the classes are so small that teachers are able to do impromptu field trips during the day. In this case, my 3D teacher decided to take us to an art school festival in Ueno Park, held by Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

In this festival, the students from each different art departments make a Styrofoam statue representing their department. Afterwards, they bring them to the park, show them off, and then carry them around the entire park until they reach the center again.







Lastly, my all-time favorite sculpture…


Each group also wore custom-designed and crafted outfits for the parade that went with their department themes. They huddled around, danced, played music, and squirted water at everyone. Here’s some video of what the parade was really like:


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