Itabashi and Kitazono Women’s Dorms


Upon arrival in Japan, our first task was making our way to where we would be residing for the next 4 months– Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan in the Kitazono Women’s Dormitories. The dorms are quaint, perfect for simple living, and in a wonderful area of Tokyo.

kitazono1(aerial view of Kitazono entrance)

Each room also comes with a balcony, featuring a beautiful skyline view of the surrounding area. Peaceful and beautiful to wake up to every morning.


The women’s dorms are certainly something to get used to, as the rules here are drastically different from those of most American Universities. These rules are implemented simply for the protection of the residents– Kitazono is comprised of both university students and high school students.

The area Kitazono resides in is a small suburb/town with both apartment buildings and small shopping streets with just about everything you might need on a daily basis. The shopping street is only a short 10 minute walk from the dorms, so there is no need to worry about long trips when you’re in need of something.

itabashi1(A cross-street where part of the shopping street begins)

itabashi2(Many cafes, grocery stores, 100 Yen shops, and Konbinis line these streets and provide for excellent variety while shopping.)


itabashi4(The small and quiet residential street that you must walk through in order to get to the shopping street)

Along this street, there is also a small shrine that you can visit. There are many places like this scattered all throughout Tokyo. Some may be bigger than others, but all of these shrines have something unique to offer.


Many of the areas of Tokyo have small Mikoshi festivals all generally at the same time. A Mikoshi is a small, portable shrine, and the idea of the event is to carry this shrine from its main shrine around the neighborhood that it resides in. Many people come together to carry the shrine to each designated resting spot on their shoulders– rain or shine! Fortunately, we arrived just in time to witness such an event, and it took place in the middle of our everyday shopping street.

shrine carry1(Some fellow TUJ students were invited to help carry the shrine)


shrine2(A large crowd of people trek through the rain and follow the shrine carriers)

This area is wonderful, rich with history, and provides for great everyday experiences, even when you least expect them.

Next time, I will show you around Temple’s campus and lead you through my first big Art School Festival experience!


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