A few of my favorite things….so far!!


Well, I’ve been in Japan for about three weeks now, and it feels like I’ve been here my whole life. Ok, so not really, but I’m definitely enjoying my time here. Everything just seems so clean, orderly, and convenient. I wanted to take a moment out of the day, and just share with you some of the cool and wonderful things that I’ve discovered while being in Japan for half a month. Don’t worry, this list may seem a little short right now, but as the semester continues on, I’m sure more and more will be added to it. Enjoy!!

So around this time Japan is pretty hot and humid. Trust me..it’s not like anything you’ve ever experienced in America…you literally feel like you’re melting in the land of the boiling, I mean rising sun. So you buy a bottle of water, twist off the cap, set it aside and take a long swig of that refreshing water. Suddenly your train comes. You panic. Everyone is rushing to get on but you’re all the way over by the vending machine. You grab your belongings and sprint across the platform, making it on just before the doors close. You breath a sigh of relief, then realize you left the cap to your water over by the vending machine…..Ok, so that’s a little dramatic but it could happen. Well, not if you have this:


Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a bottle cap that will never get lost under the fridge, behind the desk, or under the passenger side seat of your best friend’s car. I don’t really know what to call it other than amazing. You just twist the cap and pull up when your ready to drink, and it just sits there patiently until your thirst has been quenched. Then when your finished, the cap is right there just waiting to be twisted back on, it’s that easy!!! I can’t tell you how many bottle caps I’ve lost over the years, but Japan has just solved that problem. Hopefully I’m not the only one who finds this little gem astounding!! I absolutely love it!

Here’s another scenario. You always lifted weights back home, but you can’t take them on the plane due to weight limits and the fact that nobody brings weights with them to Japan…Don’t worry, there are 100円 (yen) stores for that. Now, the 100円 store deserves a blog post all on its own, but for now let’s just say it’s the new and improved version of the American dollar store. Anything you could ever possibly want, you can buy at the 100円 store, and it’ll only cost you 100円 (roughly $1USD). So why fret about not being able to bring your weights when you can buy them for only a dollar!!! But these are no ordinary weights:


These are water weights. They weigh almost nothing, but bring them back to your dorm/apartment/homestay, fill it up with water, and you’ll be well on your way to the buffness you’ve always dreamed of! There’s a cap on one side of the weight that unscrews to reveal a tiny, clear plastic plug. The plug is to prevent the water from leaking out in the case that you don’t screw the cap on tight enough. So convenient! And you can bring them back to America, just unscrew the cap, take out the plug and drain the water. And don’t worry, pink isn’t the only color they have!

There are two more neat things that I want to cover, and both of these are drinks, but with a twist. These are no ordinary drinks…..they come equipped with a motivational message!! First is BOSS!!! Feeling down? Co-workers picking on you? Can’t seem to do anything right? Well don’t worry, drink some of this BOSS cafe au lait, and you’ll really feel like a BOSS! No one can bring you down, and nothing can take away your spirit because no matter what you do, as long as you’re drinking BOSS drinks, you are the BOSS!!


If that wasn’t enough there’s one more thing that might brighten up your day:


Need I say more? While I will admit that it was lacking in flavor, and it’s a drink and not food, the sweet little message on the bottle made me crack a smile.

Well that’s all I have for now, hope you enjoyed. This is the short version. As more time passes I will include more awesome finds!! Until next time~~( ^_^)/


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