Shikinejima Island


The Izu Islands trip was definitely one of the most anticipated TUJ Student Activities trips for this semester. We took an overnight ferry to Shikinejima Island and spent the day biking around the island, given free reign to visit the island’s beaches and onsens. We also went snorkeling, which gave us the chance to check out local coral reefs and fish. It was a ton of fun to get this break from life in Tokyo. Unfortunately, due to a crazy storm, our trip was cut short by a day. We were unable to visit the second island that we planned to see. All of these photos were taken at Shikinejima Island. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful place to explore.

IMG_0098 IMG_0113 IMG_0103IMG_0108IMG_0114 IMG_0126IMG_0156 IMG_0135 IMG_0137 IMG_0142 IMG_0146 IMG_0164 IMG_0172 IMG_0325 IMG_0173IMG_0324 IMG_0328 IMG_0194 IMG_0198 IMG_0205 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0216 IMG_0217 IMG_0225 IMG_0226    IMG_0202 IMG_0377 IMG_0402


About Christine Boegemann

A recent graduate with a BA from Temple University's Film and Media Arts Program, Christine Boegemann has spent her undergrad years working to foster creative growth everywhere she could find it – in herself and others. Her list of college activities include working in working at Temple's film lab, acting as VP for a student organization that produces its own short films and film festivals, and serving as head of art department for a sketch show called Temple Smash. She has interned at two VFX houses - one in Manhattan, New York and the other in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also studied abroad in India in the summer of 2012 as a member of the 2012 cohort of the Vira I. Heinz (VIH) Program for Women in Global Leadership. She spent spring 2013, her final semester, studying art and animation in Tokyo, Japan. During her time there, she worked as a photo blogger for Temple Study Abroad. She also worked as a conversation host at an English café in Shibuya. Now back in the US, Christine is currently working as a producer for the feature film, The Youth Washed Up. She is also continuing work on her own independent project rooted in sharing the work and experiences of women she met during her time in India.

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