Oh, Odaiba!


Konnichiwa everyone!

My time here at TUJ is winding down, unfortunately. Everyone is starting to feel an urgency to get things accomplished that they might have set out to do in the beginning of our time here. Even for me, I am frantically scrambling, trying to see and do everything.  One of the places that I knew that I definitely wanted to visit while in Tokyo is Odaiba.

Odaiba is a man-made island in the Tokyo Bay, that has become known for its shopping malls and architecture.  It is also known for it’s super jumbo-sized Ferris Wheel (Daikanransha) which used to be the tallest in the world, as well as the Rainbow bridge, which lights up in multiple colors during the nighttime.  It really is a beautiful island with gorgeous views of the city and the sea.

With all of those things, how could we pass up the chance to go to Odaiba!?  We just could not!  Anyways, a few friends and I took the train out to the island. It is only a few transfers and a rapid line away, but once we got there the weather and the view were nice enough that that was not much of a bother.

We walked around for a little bit, noticing the oddly shaped buildings and the water before we made our way into ‘Palette Town’, which is a 3 floor mall in an Italian theme. There were statues and lights and different decoration all made out to make you feel like you were in Italy. In Japan. The restaurants, the shops, the artwork, all of them were beautifully laid out as we walked through, taking a ton of pictures and probably slowing down all of the people that were actually there to buy something.

Don't you feel like you're in Venice already?

One of the more popular shops in Palette Town was the ‘Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise’, which had everything that a Hello Kitty lover dreams of. It is so cute! The couches, chairs, photo booths, everything had Hello Kitty on it, and everyone was freaking out over it. Adults, kids, everyone loved that store. There were other characters featured in Palette Town, like Pikachu, but none had the emphasis that Hello Kitty had over the island.

After we were all shopping-malled-out we headed over  to the Ferris Wheel.  You were able to pick what type of car you would like, either color coded or clear and luckily for us there was no wait in the line! We were up in the sky before we even knew it. The ride lasts about 15 minutes, and the view is amazing the whole time. You could see all the way to Tokyo Tower! I would definitely recommend that anyone who visits Tokyo makes a stop in Odaiba and especially to take a ride on the ferris wheel. It is something that I do not think I will ever forget.


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