Hello again!


Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted sooner, but I’m still getting used to my class schedule and the train commute to school every morning.

I thought I would write today about food. I’ve had some really yummy dishes since I’ve been here that I would like to share. Also, a lot of these foods are pretty cheap- which is great since I’m living on a budget. One thing that I’ve been eating a lot are bento’s. Bento’s are pre-made lunches that you can buy at convenient stores, like 7 Eleven. Most don’t cost more than 450円 (yen), which is around $5. There are many different kinds as well including, fish, chicken, beef, pork, and there is a general mix. They always come with rice, a little side salad or pickles, and when you purchase one at a convenient store, they will warm it up for you.

Here is an example of a convenient store bento lunch

Besides 7 Eleven, one of my other favorite places to get a cheap and quick lunch is すき家 (Sukiya). It’s a sit down restaurant, that gets you your food extremely quickly (and many are open 24 hours). They specialize in 牛丼 (gyudon), which is basically marinated and cooked shredded beef over rice with onions. In order to spice this up a little bit, they offer several different variations on the dish. You can get bowls with Kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage), chives, sprouts, and most of the dishes come with an egg that you can crack over your meal. If  you aren’t looking for 牛丼 you can always order some curry, or a noodle dish. There are various sizes you can order, and you can even add little sides to your meal for less than 150円.

I went in today and bought a 牛丼 dish with sprouts, onions, carrots, and a sauce. Then, I added a miso soup and a side of tofu for 120円・ The whole meal was only 480円, and it was really delicious.

Here is one popular chive, egg, and gyudon dish at sakiya.

These are all the sizes you can order. Check out that huge one

Yesterday after school, my friend Brittany and I were looking around for somewhere to eat. We had noticed a noodle shop right next to the stairs that takes us to our train (in the station), and so we decided to try it out. This place was really cool too! To order, to approach a machine outside of the store. All of the menu choices are displayed on buttons like a vending machine. You put in your cash, push the option you want, and get a ticket. You then take the ticket in, and place it on a sign- depending on what kind of noodles you want. The choices are soba noodles (thin, greyish buckwheat noodles) or udon (thick, white flour noodles). Then, you wait right there at the window while they toss it all up and give it you! These type of places are often frequented by business men who just want a quick meal on their way to and from work, and aren’t really chains. But if you look for them, you’ll find them.  Overall the price was really cheap (490円)and the noodles were really good.  Therefore we’ve decided to go back once a week in order to try the different options.

Typical udon dish

Typical Udon dish (my favorite!)

And with these options I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of food in Japan. When I come up with some new favorites I’ll definitely post about them. As for now, I’m still exploring!

I’ll be updating soon about some really interesting cultural activities going on in my area this weekend. Until then!


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  1. You’re making me hungry. How’s things going? The kids have been asking about you and I keep telling them to e-mail. Talk to you later. Uncle Tom

    • Hey Uncle Tommy! Everything is going great!! I’m having a blast. Tell everyone I said hi! If you email me your address at: mifinnegan1331@gmail.com I will send you guys a letter with some postcards inside (they’ll travel better that way). Maybe the kids would really like that 🙂

      Hope all is well!! xoxo Michelle

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